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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service 

Clean carpeting is vital to maintaining a healthy and productive office space. We specialize in carpet cleaning services that you can count on to keep your office or other business space healthy, clean, and bright. 


Using Refresh to handle your commercial carpet cleaning needs is the perfect first step to ensuring that your office is a safe, healthy, and productive environment for both your employees and your clients that you can be truly proud of. 


Your office carpets are constantly collecting dust, dirt, hair, and other contaminants that can affect your indoor air quality, making it feel heavy and causing potential health hazards. With regularly scheduled commercial carpet cleaning from Refresh, you can stay on top of these problems with affordable commercial carpet cleaning services that will bring your office carpets to a like-new state and allow you to easily maintain a healthy, productive environment in your office.


Flooring in any space takes a real beating over time, but this is especially true of commercial carpeting. With high foot traffic, coffee spills, and so much more, your carpets can quickly become worn, matted, and degraded in appearance, which makes a poor first impression. Let us help you ensure that your space creates the impression of integrity and professionalism that you have worked so hard to cultivate. 

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