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Vehicle Interior 


For all of your auto upholstery cleaning needs, look no further than the incredible team here at Refresh. We are proud to offer the high quality, professional auto upholstery cleaning services that our community can trust for all of their needs, from helping you get your allergies or asthma under control to removing tough stains and odors, or simply maintaining your auto upholstery and carpets. 


We strive to exceed all expectations with our high quality auto upholstery cleaning services, years of experience, and stunning results that will not only improve the look and feel of your vehicle's interior, but heighten the air quality as well!


Our auto upholstery cleaning products here at Refresh are fully safe to use in your vehicle, even around children and pets, while still providing plenty of strength to remove any stain or odor you may be struggling with. The auto upholstery cleaning team can remove anything from your upholstery, including bacteria, pollutants, allergens, odors, residue, and soil of all kinds, so you can rest assured that we’ll handle your upholstery cleaning needs right the first time, every time. No matter how old your vehicle might be, our auto upholstery cleaning team will bring it back to life with a thorough deep cleaning.

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