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Water Damage

Having water damage in your home or at your company can be so frustrating. It can lead to you and your family having to leave your home or make major repairs, especially if it isn’t dealt with quickly. Don’t wait. If you notice any sort of water damage in your home or at your business location, contact Refresh today. We will get in there quickly and provide you with the most professional and advanced water damage restoration services in Hutchinson, Kansas and the surrounding areas.


The water damage restoration process by Refresh is top of the line. When we provide these services, our team takes very special care over your belongings. Whether there was water damage from a storm, leaking faucet, sewage backup, commercial water issues or any other water issue, we've got you covered. We provide advanced water inspection services along with extraction and drying services too.


When you contact Refresh, we take your information and send a technician out to your home or business building to assess the damage. After the inspection process, we will extract the water and dry out your belongings.

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